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Barcode Generator

Explore what's possible with our Barcode ActiveX Control. Complete the form below with the custom message, comment and settings for your barcode. Click the to learn more about the corresponding property.

Basic Settings

Select the sybmology, enter the message, and type in an optional comment.

Not sure which barcode you need? Review our symbologies list.
Type the data/message that you would like to encode into the barcode.
Optional text to include with barcode.

Barcode Size & Image Format

Select the height of the barcode, the width of the bars, rotation and image format.

Value is stored in mils.
1000 mils = 1 inch
Enter the PDF Module Height
Select the Narrow to Wide Ratio of the Bars
Enter the PDF Aspect Ratio
Value is stored in mils.
1000 mils = 1 inch
Enter the Module Size
Enter the PDF Module Width
Rotate the barcode image
Select between various image formats and set the DPI (Dots Per Inch, valid only for Raster Graphics)

Colors & Fonts

Add some color to your barcode and set the font size.

Color of the barcode and text
Color of the background
points (pt) Enter the font size in points (between 6 and 2160)

Miscellaneous Settings

These additional settings may be useful. The settings will adjust based on your chosen symbology.

Select the PDF Security Level
Enter the maximum number of columns.
Enter the maximum number of rows.
Enter the PDF Pct Overhead.
Enter the Maxi Code Class.
Select the Mode
Enter the Maxi Country Code.
Enter the Maxi Zip Code.

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